Long lists, short lists, wayward uncles and speeches. There's plenty to worry about when planning a wedding.

For people who want to ensure their invites are less predictable then a granny falling asleep, a kid crying in the church or everyone dancing like a loon, you could go crazy and get in touch. One of a kind invites and graphics, never repeated, the pure, 100% antidote to bows, teddy bears and swirly script fonts no one can read.

Go electric.

Out came the scalpels. Out came the glue. The old copier was given a dust and we started work. For A wedding set inspired by ska music it was the only sensible way. Keeping it real. Gig posters, guest entry lanyards, tickets. Working closely with the client we got to heart of the brief and the spirit of the day by getting thoroughly covered in Indian ink, tipp-ex and cranking up the tunes.

the ska one

A sausage became a cake, a carpet became a card. And two families came together for belly dancing, knee sliding, hill rolling event extravaganza of a wedding. Unconventional, cool and daringly different the invites had to reflect the client.
Only Zammo could say no.

He knew a lot about tennis, she knew a lot about beauty. He spoke no French. She was French. Somehow it just worked. It was to be a fairy tale wedding. A French chateau. 2 days of celebration and more champagne then you will have ever dreamt of. It required invites, replies, a duel language story book, instructions on how best to get to France, there was a lot to cover off. But it lead to one of the most magical weekends ever.

Their eyes met across a filing cabinet full of burnt illustrations. As the ash and spores clouded around them it was love at first sneeze. Their first date was with the league of gentlemen, so it followed that they wanted something different for a wedding invite. Books. Music. And questionable 80s movies all came in play. One of the toughest clients ever. It was me.


Dragons, timber frames and a venue straight out of Harry Potter. This medieval styled event was great fun tio design for. 



If you need something just that little bit different.

Something that no high street could ever deliver. If you want bespoke - not off the rack. King of the hill not run of the mill - electrographica is ready to make it happen. 

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