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electrographica books


electrographica picture books have tackled everything from wayward apes to thoughtful robots. Designed, written and illustrated in-house, new worlds, characters and strange adventures are being forged all the time.   

the ministry

Yetis. Monsters. Long armed monkeys with bowl haircuts. The ministry of paranormal affairs is on a five year mission to track down strange things, to carefully go where no one else has dared, to discover new life and new civilizations.... To never miss their afternoon tea.

fossil fred is not dead

Fossil Fred is not dead, he's hungry, grumpy and wants an ice cream. He's about a million years over his best before date and smells a bit funny but don't worry you won't have to eat him. He's going to eat you with a flake and a few sprinkles.

robots are for everyone

But there are a few things you need to know first. Your guide to staying friends with the mechanical marvels. Big. Small. Or out of control - there's a robot out there for you. Just be careful.


beauty &

the beast

A classic story is given an electrographic makeover. shapeshifting shadows, trophy walls and plenty of ink and paint.

the underzoo

Under the city streets you may find what we like to call the under zoo. A place for all creatures there is no place for. The goldfish that got flushed, the snake that got too big and a dog so odd that he even scares himself. Venture in and discover the greatest show under earth.

the jigsaw knight

It's not a rusty bucket but a very rusty head. A chance discovery in a field leads to a treasure hunters adventure as a little boy and his dog attempt to reassemble all the scattered parts of the jigsaw knight before dad gets the dinner on.  

the leaky witch

electrographica worked with authors John Conlon and Chris Pattison to illustrate their tale of the leaky witch as she catalogues the vast array of witchy folk we share our daily lives with. 

book covers

classic books given an electrographic makeover