lots and lots of work


Feathered Bullet* is home to our 3D 'making' projects.


Same but different - the DNA of electographica runs thick through its veins and you can see the family likeness.


The antidote to pixel and paper the Feathered Bullet studio is a place where clothes get ruined, fingers have near misses and everything can become something else given enough hot glue and swearing.


*an obscure reference to the the speed of flight of the common Starling


secret cinema

Star Wars coming to London was the only excuse required to create an evil lizard bounty hunter and where it on the tube.

secret cinema

One was never going to be enough so electrographica ended up making some extra memebers for th bounter hunter gang

leg, fur & tooth

Legs, hooves, fur. Our animals obviously come from the same strange place as the birds. Yaks, donkeys and stags have all been moulded, hacked and hit with bolts of lightning in the workshop.

boys toys

For odd requests and high pressure clients a three year old can rarely be beat. Steam trains, helicopters, peaches like the one with the worm in it? Right through to minions on a particularly wet day. Stuff we made.

Going large

When you are asked do you want to go large. It's very difficult to say no. So here are totem poles, dragon nests, Arabian nights. Nemo's Nautilus and larger scale items from our prop store.

whales & tails

Today whaling is only allowed for scientific purposes. Quite what science is achieved by shooting a laser guided harpoon into one is not yet clear.

wings & things

One was never enough. Another followed. Then another. The bird making machine cranked up and before long electrographica had many feathered friends. Deranged, malformed but incredibly bright, never let them out of your sight.