Jabba Animation

With everything included on this page special thanks must go to Jamie Bening of Filmunetaries

Worm-Ridden Filth - the puppet

Worm-Ridden Filth - stop motion

Filmunetaries has gained a cult following for it’s in-depth coverage of behind the scenes world of movie making. Jaws, Indiana Jones and Star Wars have all enjoyed their documentary treatment. In 2015 they branched out to create short 20 mins features on specific scenes keys scenes within these films. The first short would focus on the crew who operated and designed vile space slug – Jabba the Hutt.


On the back of this work – it was agreed that another section of the commentary could do with a visual accompaniment. Whilst the puppeteers talked through the complicated process involved in making Jabba appear to eat - electrographica would create a short animated sequence. 


As  nod to model making era - electrographica created a clay-mation model that over the course of several evening brought the puppeteers words to life one frame at a time.


With the "film making bug" well and truly caught, electrographica went on the create a much larger puppet that could be operated over the end titles.


Jabba went viral and quickly spread across the net.








sequence Jabba5

sequence Jabba6

full skin

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