Gut Week - love your gut 

Posters, information booklets, stickers, guides, branding - Electrographica handles all creative output for the annual Gut Week events.

Supported by Yakult inconjunction with charity partners Core and the IBS network. 

gut 2

Digest cover

gut 5p


gut apron

Love Your Gut 2014

Charged to create an accessible and friendly world in which to place Gut Week. This illustration was developed that also enable prominent positioning of logos and the required large amount of text.

Love Your Gut (Summer edition)

An alternate image was created for use during Summer promotions

Initial Scamp

The basic concept go the 2015 poster was discussed on the phone and then rough scamps exchanged to agree in principle the direction the illustration would take.

Love Your Gut 2015

New character illustrations and art direction for the 2015 event. Everyday people getting on with life

gut poster

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