NDA - Myths Project

Gods, demons and a whole new take on the oldest stories known to man. Environmental and character concept work for this huge slate of six films in 5 languages.

Nemo - untold

A world away from James Mason, our Indian Prince seeks steely justice for the slaughter of his family and to bring down the machines of war once and for all.

From the inception of concepts, through to pre-vis of events and productions already underway, electrographica has specialised in delivering art direction and design for events and film.

Seeing is believing and we work closely with our partners to ensure their vision is delivered. From stage designs and exhibitions, through to illustrating key scenes for film pitches electrographica has the skills and experience to give your project visual punch and clarity.   



Plastic Dreams

Concept art and creative for film project dealing with the floating island of plastic that is building in our Oceans. Key frames, storyboarding and character development.

Animal Gods

Animals have been granted almost godlike respect by the small pockets of humanity that cling to the Worlds most remote regions. 

Hellbrooke (film)

Concept art and development for a slate of forthcoming horror films. Environmental, character and branding artworks were created, to showcase project to investors and producers.


Procter & Gamble

Art direction and illustration from electrographica for the launch of a large event on Clapham Common for P&G. Concept work was used to approve budgets and stage the event. 

NDA - London Exhibition 2019

Concept art & pre-vis to support bid for major London Exhibition. electrographica were hired to bring life to proposed displays, develop characters and form a coherent aesthetic for the entire show. 

Orange Europe

Steam punk heaven. Listening devices, coal fired Titanic kitchens and a number of top hats. Concept and design for a Europe wide and intensely theatrical presentation for telecoms giant Orange. 

1Film Unit 

Crammed full on industrial kit and high end cameras the warehouse space needed an injection of life and comfort for the film crews passing through.

Alexandra Palace

An iconic venue, an amazing view and a proposal to transform the terraces of Ally Pally into a Victorian bar and BBQ for a Summer of pop-up events.