Concept & Creation

Simple Truth Unexpectedly Told


Experiential design & concept art 

Seeing is believing. From pitches to presentations, being able to pre-vis an event is an essential part of getting the green light. electrographica has developed concept work for Google conferences, London Museums and designed everything from steam punk bars to Roman amphitheatres. 

Film concept art & visual development

electrographica opens a window into which investors and partners can experience these worlds as they are still forming. From marketing visuals, to character development and mood boards, electrographica brings film projects to life whilst they are still a twinkle in the writers eye.

Illustration Services

Twice shortlisted for awards by the Association of Illustrators, electrographica delivers high quality bespoke work. Traditional pen and ink or twisted vector, or perhaps something a little different, the choice is yours.

Print & Promotion

From one-off events to wholesale rebranding, electrographica can take on your project and ensure cohesive and considered design. From pitch winning presentations, to show stopping posters, from brochures to books, and ads to editorial - everything can covered.

Branding & logos

electrographica works with a massive variety of clients. We have been tasked by brewers and explorers. Navy Seals, and shark conservationists. Iron Maiden and The Royal Ballet. 


Spliced up, diced up and layered with fractal energy, images are sent blinking into the light. Our graphics have been used for everything from music promotion to the bodywork of a 747.

Concept Art & Visualisation for Film 



NDA - Myths Project

Gods, demons and a whole new take on the oldest stories known to man. Environmental & character concept work for this huge slate of 6 films in 5 languages.

Nemo - untold

A world away from James Mason, our Indian Prince seeks steely justice for the slaughter of his family and to bring down the machines of war once and for all.

From the inception of concepts, through to pre-vis of events and productions already underway, electrographica has specialised in delivering art direction and design for events and film.

Seeing is believing and we work closely with our partners to ensure their vision is delivered. From stage designs and exhibitions, through to illustrating key scenes for film pitches electrographica has the skills and experience to give your project visual punch and clarity.   

Plastic Dreams

Concept art and creative for film project dealing with the floating island of plastic that is building in our Oceans. Key frames, storyboarding and character development.

Animal Gods

Animals have been granted almost godlike respect by the small pockets of humanity that cling to the Worlds most remote regions. 



Horror Slate (films)

Concept art and development for a slate of forthcoming horror films. Environmental, character and branding artworks were created, to showcase project to investors.

plastic trees.jpg

Experiential design & visualisation for events 

From conference stage designs at the South Bank, to VR exhibitions at the Museum of London, electrographica delivers visual punch, narrative clarity and truly exciting experiential design.  

Beasts Exhibition

Beasts - Museum of London 

Tasked with development of experiential design, branding and marketing assets. Key member of delivery team - collaboration with curators, students, construction units.

This innovative ‘take over’ of the exhibition space pushed boundaries, marrying traditional theatre techniques such as scenic painting and prop construction with cutting edge AV, animation and projection-mapping to create a totally immersive experience.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 17.20.04 copy.p


Concept and visualisation work for Google conferences, events and immersive activities as part of Multi award winning Unicorn Events team.


Money Heist gaming experience

Concept work and visualisation for interactive event to be held in Spain based on Money Heist 

Starlings Stink6.jpg


Concept work and visualisation of launch event for Japanese airlines ANA business class with Kengo Kuma.

stars day.jpg

Carnaby Street

Concept and visualisation for Christmas decorations and interactive shopping experience  in Londons Carnaby Street

Starlings Stink4.jpg


Exhibition road show - concept development for recruitment booths 

Starlings Stink8.jpg

South Bank

Concept and visualisation for sales technology conference held at he Southbank centre

Procter & Gamble

Art direction and illustration from electrographica for the launch of a large event on Clapham Common for P&G. Concept work was used to approve budgets and stage the event. 

Gaming Drone

Wooden flying machines, rockets, computer games and a machine set to rise above the 02 Comic Con by special invitation for a product launch.

Orange Europe

Steam punk heaven. Listening devices, coal fired Titanic kitchens and a number of top hats. Concept and design for a Europe wide and intensely theatrical presentation for telecoms giant Orange. 

1Film Unit 

Crammed full on industrial kit and high end cameras the warehouse space needed an injection of life and comfort for the film crews passing through.

Alexandra Palace

An iconic venue, an amazing view and a proposal to transform the terraces of Ally Pally into a Victorian bar and BBQ for a Summer of pop-up events.


Chelsea Show Garden

Concept and creation of Chelsea Show Garden designs for Jardin Blanc presentations


Design, brand 

& promotion

From the inception of concepts, through to pre-vis of events and productions already underway, electrographica has specialised in delivering art direction and design for events and film.

Seeing is believing and we work closely with our partners to ensure their vision is delivered. From stage designs and exhibitions, through to illustrating key scenes for film pitches electrographica has the skills and experience to give your project visual punch and clarity.   

SPACE 2020 new_01.jpg

The Space

Developing branding, graphics and promotional material for the launch of Timebombs latest documentary 

space 19.jpg

Extinction Rebellion/Hartnoll/Orbital

Original illustration and poster design 

Time Bomb Pictures

Developing branding strategy and illustrations for the Timebomb team. Ultimately launching new logo assets for intro sequences and publicity material.

20khz (podcast)

Branding & visualisation of 20khz radio podcast for client pitch and presentation. Pitch dark humour, all star casts and a twisted take on reality - you enter the twighlight zone of 20khz at your peril. 

Beyond Apes (doc)

Capturing the tone and scope of the documentary. Creating original palate

of visuals, illustrations and bespoke presentations 

Raiding the Lost Ark (doc)

Approached by one of the most dedicated, film obsessed and professional creatives out there, electrographica were thrilled to work with Jamie Benning of Filmumentary fame on his projects.

Worm Ridden Filth (doc)

Working with Filmunentaries and the orginal crew from 'Return of the Jedi' electrographica created short animated sequences for a new 'Making Of' documentary.

Guardian Group (doc)

A team of Ex-Navy SEALS, headed up by the former director of US special forces formed the Guardian Group to tackle human trafficking head on. Electrographica was tasked with branding and pitching documentary content for network investors.

Queen - Zam Zam (film)

Gamekeeper (film)

Forest (film)

The Loneliest Time (film)

Working with producer Dan Poole and director Cort Kristensen on creating high impact one sheet illustrations and graphics for this short feature film. Generating marketing assets that would roll out across web, press and kickstarter platforms.

The Space (film)

Commissioned to produce marketing assets for feature documentary on the South African theatre. Brief was clear that the film required striking, eyecatching illustrations that reflected the spirit of often dangerous apartheid-era theatre.

Georgie Maxim (film)

Working closely alongside the producers, writer and director electrographica was commissioned to pull together the visual assets required to pitch the feature to potential actors and investors.

Venture Beyond Training

electrographica developed branding for this specialist outdoor learning and adventure training company. The brief was open but clear - that is should avoid the cliches of its sector and boldly 'look different'. 

James Dyer Expeditions

Sat at a desk, with just a computer for company it's good to know that there are plenty of adventures to be had. electrographica develops printed assets for James Dyer Expeditions as part of their marketing and recruitment campaign.

Subterranea Britannica

Subterranea Britannica is a society focused on the investigation of underground places. electrographica has helped produce guide books, posters and other marketing resources.

Toubakal Mountain Porters

The porters and guides in the Atlas of Morocco were looking to brand their services. Over tall cups of mint tea and rugged trails electrographica agreed to help them with the branding of this venture.

Digest (quarterly magazine)

electrographica worked with Yakult UK to create and print their regular consumer Digest. Packed full of new original illustrations and content each issue was to designed to ensure maximum engagement. 

Yakult Science

Keen to inject a visual twist into reports, presentations and marketing material for Yakult UK's science division electrographica developed a whole new look.

Love Your Gut (campaign)

Posters, information booklets, stickers, guides, branding - electrographica handles all creative output for the annual Gut Week charity events.


Book Illustration

Lost tales from India, ancient stories, legends and a window into a world within a world.

BSNA_infographic leaflet v6 print ready.

BSNA Infographics

electrographica developed a whole new look. for this info graphic resource for the BSNA (sBritish Specialist Nutrition Association)

sub brit web.jpg
robots 8x624.jpg
max 2.jpg
Photorealistic Magazine MockUp.jpg
JAWS_starlingx copy.jpg
vim poster copy.jpg

About electrographica

Award-winning, multi-disciplined experiential designer, illustrator & brand communicator


Electrographica started life in or around 2009.

Founded by creative director Pete Starling as an outlet for his very particular outlook on all things creative.

From big ideas, to small details.

Creative leaps to strategic thought;

Tried, tested, trusted to develop award-winning concepts, campaigns, and interactive experiences - most recently on behalf of Google. 


Stares into the middle distance. Glasses perched on a stubbly head. He draws lots. He makes stuff. He likes to get stuck in.

He looks better in black and white. 

thanks for making contact - pete