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They understand the brief and know how to get things done. We can always count on fresh and engaging design when we need it most.

Linda Thomas PhD FIFST Science Director,

Yakult UK Ltd.



With over 15 years experience working as a creative director for a specialist advertising agency, print design, press advertisement, brochures all come as second nature. From concepts and campaigns to design and illustration electrographica can handle the whole job. We make life more straightforward, projects less stressful and the work itself more hardworking then you thought possible. 

art direction,

design and all

things creative...

electrographica books

electrographica picture books are designed, written and illustrated in-house, new worlds, characters and strange adventures are being forged all the time.    

Weddings and events

Long lists, short lists, wayward uncles and speeches.There's plenty to worry about planning a wedding. Don't let bad invites ruin a great day - get in touch.

making things

electrographica's 3D work is just as varied and just as unique as its 2D. From foxes and birds through to trains, submarines and distorted cats, they emerge from the workshop, blinking into the light. 


electrographica comes with an open mind and a tool kit bursting with techniques to get the message across. Not constrained by a single style, or method of image making, we adapt ourselves to serve the brief.

Book covers

Heart of Darkness to Brave New World. All the designs here were pitched for inclusion in future editions of these titles.

Record Covers

It's not often that you'll find dance pioneers Orbital racked next to hard rock act Uriah Heap, but electrographica is such a place. Graphics, art direction and illustration.

Event art direction

concepts, pitches and presentations. from steampunk telephones to robot octopi, electrographica helps you realise the potential of your event through careful design and inspiring art direction.

Brochures & advertisements

electrographica can handle all your design needs. Drawing on years of ad agency expeirence we seek to provide a high quality, bespoke service tailored to your individual needs. No fuss, no stress just hard hitting, quality creative everytime.

Latest projects

pictures on walls. graphic work designed for impact. From Indiana to deep house electrographica has been involved with dozens of poster campaigns.

Make contact

electrographica is always happy to talk shop. If you have a project that needs a bit of a creative kick - make contact today...

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